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Remote control: The remote control can be used to remotely control the vehicle with a control range up to 100 meters.

Mobile phone remote control: The increaseelectric scooter  of the function of mobile phone control vehicles, one can master the dynamics of the vehicles at anytime and anyplace.

Induction function:In the induction (surface operation) mode, the electric vehicle will receive the signal from the mobile phone, whether it is near or out of the vehicle, and the power will be operated accordingly and accompanied with a sound reminder.

Two-way alarm: When the vehicle is touched and an alarm sounds, the mobile phone immediately alerts the owner with an alarm, such as vibration and sound.

Voice alarm: When the vehicle breaks down, the voice of the mobile phone will be used to provide you with all kinds of the vehicle faults.

The instrument display: The phone is full of real color display instrument and controls vehicle full around.

Omni-directional compatibility: Super compatibility. All kinds of smart phones

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Zhejiang trewers electric bicycle manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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